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Jib Crane

Categoria de Produto do Jib Crane, somos fabricantes especializados da China, Jib Crane , Jib Hoist fornecedores / fábrica, atacado alta qualidade produtos de Portable Jib Crane R & D e fabricação, temos a perfeita serviço e suporte técnico pós-venda. Aguardamos a sua colaboração!

Pillar Jib Crane


Guindaste de patíbulo de viagem da parede


Guindaste montado no chão

China Jib Crane Fornecedores

 jib cranes are highly adaptable, and fit well to various workshops and industries. They are a cost-effective method of handling construction materials of up to 2,000 kg.

LITE cranes offers both over-braced jib cranes with an enclosed XM steel profile and under-braced jibs with an I-beam profile. Our standard wall-mounted jib cranes can rotate up to 180º, while pillar jibs can move through 270º. Custom options are available, such as a higher lifting capacity or full 360º rotation.

Adjustable to your facility

Jib cranes are available in a full range of load capacities and outreaches. There are several different ways to fix the jib to a wall or floor, so we can make sure you have an optimal solution for your facility.

With an adjustable console bearing, horizontal beam adjustment is accurate and extremely easy, and uncontrolled beam and trolley movements are minimized. Features to optimize usability are available as options, including the adjustable rotation stop with 10º increments and a 3-position lock (-90º, 0º, +90º).

Fast jib crane installation

LITEcranes jib cranes can use large, reinforced steel base plates that make installation and relocation easy. This reduces both production downtime and the cost of installing or moving the crane

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